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January 19, 2022
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Updated On: Mar 31, 2020

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

During these very troubling times with the COVID-19 global pandemic, I would like to point out how the teamsters and Teamsters Local 179 are helping to keep our country open and running. 

Local 179 freight companies like YRC, ABF and UPS Freight are moving much needed cargo and precious medical supplies across this country.  First Student school bus is delivering meals to students and families in our community who are in need.  Towing companies like Rendel's are towing broken down vehicles to keep our roadways open.  Speaking of roadways, construction companies like D Construction, P.T. Ferro and Austin Tyler are building and repairing roads in anticipation of work booming again when this world heals.  Pace public transportation is running every day to transport essential workers safely to and from work.  Our beer companies like Blue Ribbon and Kozol Brothers are hard at work delivering products to area businesses (because everyone needs beer).  Milano Bakery is baking fresh bread every day to keep us fed and Prairie Farms Dairy is delivering the milk that we drink.  Ready mix companies like Welsch Ready Mix, Coal City Redi-Mix, Grundy County Redi-Mix and Ozinga are laying the foundations for a better tomorrow.  Alexander Lumber continues to deliver building supplies.  Stepan Chemical is working to provide household products that we use daily.  Pipeline companies like Michels are still installing and repairing pipelines here to make sure the flow of oil is uninterrupted.  Parsec is loading and unloading thousands of train cars every day to help keep supplies running through the supply chain.  U.S. Hose continues to produce flexible metal hose and tubing for businesses.  Waste Management and Republic Services, Homewood Disposal and others are doing the very important job of picking up the garbage so we aren't overrun by rodents.

I don't want to forget our municipal employees such as the Village of Pontiac, Grundy County Highway Department, Village of Rockdale and Village of Elwood.  These members help keep our communities clean and running.

I am sure other Local 179 members that I forgot to mention are also out there working hard daily.  I apologize if you were not mentioned. 

I am so proud of my union and members for helping us all.  Please know how much you are appreciated.  For those of you out fighting the fight please, please be safe.  If you are home, hunker down and don't go out if you don't need to.  Together we will get through this.  Local 179 is still open for business.  You can call and your agent will take your call or call you back.  We are working and are here for you.

Stay safe and God bless.  We will get past this.


Tom Flynn

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