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January 19, 2022
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Withdrawal Card Request Form (Online)

Get a Withdrawal Card When You Are Off Work or Leave Your Job

A Withdrawal Card is available for you to take if you are off for one full calendar month or longer, whether your leave is temporary or permanent.  Withdrawal Card status indicates you are off work and the monthly union dues/fees will not be owed again until you physically return to bargaining unit employment.  Once you resume bargaining unit work, union dues/fees payment will recommence effective the month you return to work.  It is important that you notify us immediately upon your return to work, as a reinitiation fee will be charged if your dues fall 3 months delinquent.

There is no charge to take a Withdrawal Card, but all applicable dues/fees must be paid before the Withdrawal Card is issued.  Please call our office at (815) 741-2200 (and press "3" for the dues department), before submitting your request to determine if any amount is owed.  Any amount owed must be received before a Withdrawal Card can be issued.  The Withdrawal Card does not change any rights or benefits you may or may not have under seniority, health & welfare or pension.  It is your responsibility to get a Withdrawal Card and to notify us upon your return to work.  Failure to obtain a Withdrawal Card may cause you to pay back dues/fees and/or a reinitiation fee upon your return.
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Reason for Leaving (quit, lay-off, injury, etc.):

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Withdrawal Card
Get a withdrawal card when you are off work or leave your job.
Union Dues
Dues for the January-March 2022 quarter are due by January 31 2022. Please note that a re-initiation fee will be charged if union dues for the January-March 2022 quarter are not POSTED IN OUR UNION OFFICE BY 4:30 PM on Thursday, March 31, 2022 or if your dues fall three months delinquent prior to that date. Please contact the union office with any questions about your dues.
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